COMPASSSM: Connecting Care Through
Personalized Financial Support

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By enrolling in the COMPASSSM program, patients will communicate with a Case Manager who can answer important questions about starting and staying on therapy with ACTIMMUNE®. The Case Manager will help patients with a personalized plan to coordinate their clinical and financial needs to remove barriers to ACTIMMUNE® therapy.

Clinical Nurse Educator Program

Once enrolled in COMPASSSM, patients can get connected with a Registered Nurse who can provide personalized support, answer questions, and share helpful resources on how to manage their condition.

Reimbursement Hotline

Eligible patients will be assigned to a dedicated Case Manager and automatically referred for Co-Pay Assistance. Case Managers will research patient benefits and, if needed, provide assistance with prior authorizations and appeals. Patients will be matched with a Speciality Pharmacy that aligns with their plan.

Co-Pay Assistance Program*

COMPASSSM can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses through the Horizon Pharma Co-Pay Assistance Program. This program will cover the co-pay and co-insurance amounts, which will automatically be applied by the pharmacy, eliminating the patient's monthly costs. There are no financial eligibility requirements under this program. Commercially insured patients (no Medicare or other government insurance); publicly insured patients may be referred to independent foundations for assistance.

* In order for patients to receive support through COMPASSSM, the prescribing physician must fax the Service Request Form to (877) 305-7706. The Co-Pay Assistance Program is not available to Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, or any other government-insured patients.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

For eligible patients without insurance or rendered uninsured due to payer denial, COMPASSSM may provide medication at no cost. At the patient's request, this program can provide assistance with finding insurance coverage. Proof of income is required (with Form 1040 or W-2).

Prescription Refill Reminders

To help your patients keep track of their ACTIMMUNE® refills while managing their busy schedule, they can opt-in to receive refill reminders via text and/or email, once they enroll in COMPASSSM.

  • These reminders will notify your patients 5 days before their ACTIMMUNE® prescription is due for a refill, so they can call the Specialty Pharmacy and schedule their refill shipment
  • The reminders will also provide your patients with a COMPASSSM contact number in the event they need assistance with their ACTIMMUNE® refill

Sharps Container Program

It’s important that ACTIMMUNE® (Interferon gamma-1b) patients have a safe way to dispose of used syringes. Through COMPASSSM, patients will automatically receive a new sharps container every 3 months, with packaging so they can safely return it for disposal.

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