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The Clinical Nurse Educator Program — Designed With You In Mind

The Comprehensive Personalized Patient Prescription Advocacy and Support Services (COMPASSSM) Program offers patients on ACTIMMUNE®, their families, and healthcare providers one-stop, convenient access to support services, ongoing health education, and financial resources.

Once enrolled in COMPASSSM, patients can be connected with a Clinical Nurse Educator who can help in the following ways:

  • Welcoming the patient and caregiver within 24 hours of their enrollment
  • In-person and telephone interactions with patients and caregivers
  • Injection training and tools to help get patients started on therapy
  • Customized interaction with the patient and caregiver to provide the right amount of ongoing support
  • Carefully selected educational materials, to help patients stay on track with treatment
  • Ensuring patients have appropriate supplies, such as alcohol wipes and the right size of syringes
  • Continuing interaction with the patient and caregiver to provide health education relevant to their condition and ACTIMMUNE

You can trust the support of our Clinical Nurse Educators. Each abides by HIPAA rules and regulations as well as current nursing standards.

Get started with enrollment—call a Case Manager at (877) 305-7704,
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.